UV Protection & Fire Proofing Inside Out

Artificial plants for outdoor calls for a strong need for fire retardant. Driven by a thorough understanding on users' actual need, we made every effort to develop the UV PROTECTION & FIRE RETARDENT TECHNOLOGY.

We add fire retardant particles into raw materials, which stops fire from the base layer. Comparing to the practice that adopts fire resisting spray, fire retardant particles are permanent and crucial element for resisting fire for its integrated materials.

Cloth Cutting & Waxing

Lifelike Journey Starts Here. Nature creates all plants. We create a vast array of faux plants.

From verdant sprouts to mature leaves, covering a wide variety, we are just passionate about making the lifelike plants.

Polishing the cloth with wax before it is sent into the molding press paves the way for a leaf without any raw edge, just as a real leaf does.

Leaves Injection Moulding

This is the foundation of the perfect imitation of the nature's work.

Delicate moulds, sophisticated machines and highly-skilled craftsmen would be equally indispensable for making a piece of real looking artificial leaf. The patterns of the leaves give life to the plants, making them look so real.

Stem Fumigating

Real stems are crucial for creating a lifelike plant. To guarantee a longer service life, all stem used must go through strict fumigating processes to prevent moth and mold.

Our products meet fumigation standards by gaining the Fumigation Certificate.

Leaves Sticking

Where machine cannot fulfill perfectly is the stage for craftsmanship.

Using hotmelt, ties and nails, the skilled worker sticks each leaf and branch firmly to the fumigated stems or the grids of plant walls, ensuring they will not fall during delivery and in actual use.

Pots Moulding & Spraying

We produce vases and pots of fiberglass, which features:

  • resistance to acid and alkali corrosion
  • fire and high-temperature retardant
  • economical and practical use.

Silk plant features perfection only with an appropriate match of the vase. We are here to listen to your ideas about the styles for your ordered goods.