About the Program

Becoming an exclusive partner of Unique Artificial, you have the access to the widest range of artificial plants, with superb service.

We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing artificial plants. With our know-how and technology, we are confident that our products are of superior quality.

Unique Artificial is passionate about bringing a green life to the world. Join us and become our exclusive agent, altogether we build a green globe.

How to be Enlisted as an Agent?

We welcome all traders who are interested in becoming our agents if you satisfy the requirements below:

  • Large amount of each order
  • Stable orders
  • Haven't had a prior agent in your region

Your Benefits

By enlisting as the exclusive agent of Unique Artificial, you will significantly benefit from our exceeding services supporting your business.
Market Dominance
All orders in your region will be allocated directly to you. You are exposed to all resources and customer demands.
Competitive Price
Purchasing goods from a manufacturer allows you to get a lower price from Unique Artificial.
Shared Warehouse
You will have a shared warehouse in China for the goods sourcing from both us and other suppliers to improve supply chain.
Quality Guarantee
High-quality product pictures are available right after the delivery. Just start promoting even the goods are still on the way.